Trees and Shrubs

Our certified ISA Arborists can help you with your tree concerns. Including preventative care, fertilizer, insects, and disease; we have the tools to assist your landscape! We have the newest, most effective treatment plans on the market, including our non-invasive Wedgel injection process. Also, ask about our organic based ArborMAX application! Our in-house produced system does more than fertilize! It will help with root growth/strength, foliage color and size, and help with the overall health of your tree or woody plants. It will even help produce bigger, better tasting produce! You will love your woody plants and trees with the help of ArborMAX. Call today to set up a full evaluation with one of our Arborists.

Benefits of ArborMAX

  • Restores healthy color to foliage

  • Restores health to the trees roots

  • Restores health to bark and damaged areas

  • Restores health to the circulatory system

  • Restores lost or damaged buds

  • Helps trees resist or overcome weather damage

  • Helps trees to thrive in difficult conditions

  • Increases the production of fruit trees

  • Increases the growth rate

  • Increases survival rate of transplanted trees

  • Builds stronger roots

  • Builds trees’ immune system

  • Fights insects/insect damage

  • Provides long term health benefits