My Indoor Cats and their Craving for Grass  by  Susan Harris

It must be Cat Week here at the Rant, with Elizabeth’s post about indoor cats prompting me to finally find out if my own indoor cats really need to eat grass. Here they are on the porch absorbed in eating anything grass-like in the weed carrier I was transporting through my house. I bring all sorts of plants into the house – the fastest route between my front and back yards, thanks to rowhouse living – but what gets their attention like addicts at first sight of their dealer are plants with grass-shaped leaves. The down side to the pleasure of seeing them so happily absorbed in grass-eating is the gooey mix of grass and gastric juices they soon deposit on my rugs. Never on the wood flooring, mind you, always the rugs. Thanks, guys. So I don’t regularly bring grass indoors for them and wondering if this makes me a bad cat-owner, I took to the Internet to find out why they eat the stuff and whether they really need it. Maybe their passion for it is like mine for chocolate, I was hopin..
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