Fast-Growing Small Shade Trees

Landscape Design Fast-Growing Small Shade Trees By Sheereen Othman | July 5, 2018 It can be hard to find the right tree for the right place when you have a small space to work with. But that shouldn’t stop you from planting trees. There are plenty of small trees that are meant for small spaces. But before you plant, decide what purpose you want your tree to serve: are you planting for beauty? Shade? Privacy? Windbreak? Determining what you want your tree to do will help you narrow down your tree selection. These fast-growing small shade trees and bushes are great for small spaces. Best of all, they’re nice to look at and will provide great shade. Fruit Trees Early Harvest Apple Malus domestica ‘Early Harvest’ As its name suggests, this high-yielding apple tree is of the first to be ready for harvest. The golden apples are ready to be picked as early as July in some locations, with the latest harvest in September. The creamy white flesh is juicy and tart when ripe. Z..
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