The New Look for Gardeners Freaked out about Lyme Disease by Garden Rant

Apparel for today’s gardener? News about the rapid spread of tick-borne diseases, especially the life-changing-if not-treated-in-time Lyme Disease, has me so freaked out that I’m now afraid to tend my garden, much less take a walk in the woods. I won’t stop gardening, but at least for my peace of mind I’m determined to take reasonable precautions from now on. (Does my suburban location mean I don’t have to worry? A close neighbor was recently diagnosed with Lyme from a tick she got in her own garden.) In my online research, the best sources I found were, and a Tick Management Handbook by the State of Connecticut. Here’s what they advise: Wear light-colored clothing with long pants tucked into socks to make ticks easier to detect and keep them on the outside of the clothes. Wear long sleeves. Don’t wear open-toed shoes or sandals. (Sources seem to agree that ticks start low and crawl up. They do not jump, fly or drop from trees.) Tie back long hair ..
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