4 Things You Should Know About Lawn Care

Landscape Design 4 Things You Should Know About Lawn Care By Arbor Day Foundation | March 1, 2018 Guest post by Vincent West. All beautiful gardens and green spaces have one important thing in common: green, luscious grass growing abundantly on the entire surface. This is why lawn care is such an important part of gardening. But is it really as easy as it seems? Things to Know When looking after your garden, the lawn is a central element in the process. And while it might seem simple enough, there’s more to care than mowing it from time to time. Everything from soil care to composts to watering needs to be mastered. Here are four things you should know about lawn care. 1. Having Proper Equipment Matters The importance of wearing proper clothing and safety gear while maintaining or mowing the lawn cannot be stressed enough. Safety goggles are a must, as is having a good pair of logger boots to support you through endless hours of working with vegetation. Lawnmowers are ..
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