What is Agroforestry and why Does It Matter?

Arbor Day Coffee What is Agroforestry and why Does It Matter? By Jon Ferguson | November 13, 2017 Arbor Day Coffee is grown by farmers who are committed to using sustainable agroforestry management practices on their farm. Agroforestry is a land use management system where trees or shrubs are grown around crops or pastureland. We call it the shade-grown difference. This shade-grown practice of harvesting coffee leads to healthier crops and has a positive environmental impact. In some cases, it can also be more cost effective than farms with sophisticated technology and chemical treatments. Agroforestry has its advantages. For example, planting a diverse selection of tree species — like fruit trees — empowers smallholder coffee farmers to grow nutritional food sources, making them less dependent on a single crop. Additionally, there are numerous environmental benefits. Trees add nutrients to the soil, provide shade to crops, and add an aesthetic value to the property. Th..
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