Are Images of Gardeners in the Media Finally Improving? by Susan Harris

Gardeners in the play “Native Gardens” My recent rant about stereotypes of gardeners in a new play got me thinking about the images of gardeners used in advertising and elsewhere. The garden-club-competing gardeners in the play typify the demographic so often used to portray us – white and elderly. More of the same can be found by searching “gardener” at istockphoto, where these images of older women especially bug me because they convey the surprising (to all real gardeners) impression that gardening is about fussing over flowers. You and I know that gardening requires hard work – digging, hauling, and wrestling branches with pruning tools. Thankfully, iStock’s offerings include more diversity than just older white women. On Google image there are plenty of young people and quite a bit of pruning going on. Searching “gardener” on Shutterstock yields mostly super-fake images of gardens and just a few actual people, most of them young. Pexel’s gardener images are even stranger, st..
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