Natives – A Moving Target? by Thomas Christopher

Will the wild orchids in my woods survive the changes of the next half century? There was a certain irony in the timing, given America’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement. Still, last week was the time when a group of Master Gardeners had asked me to give them a lecture about the possible effects on gardening of global climate change – and how gardeners can do their part to meet this challenge. Because my wife is a geologist who studies long-term climate change, I had expert help with the scientific aspects of this issue. Different climate-modelers present different scenarios of what is likely to happen as our current century unwinds, but virtually all agree that unless we kick our addiction to fossil fuels, our climate will grow significantly hotter by the end of this century. Indeed, the way things are going now, it looks as if by 2100 summers in upstate New York will be as warm as those of present day South Carolina. Obviously, this sort of transformative change will hav..
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