Garden variety hellebores are still the best by Elizabeth Licata

The upper middle hybrid is pretty, but doesn’t do nearly as well as the others here. Like many shade gardeners, I am in love with hellebores. They start flowering in March (or earlier) and some stay in bloom right into May. Deer, though not a problem for me, hate them; it’s easy to figure out why—just grab a handful of the plant’s sharp, raspy foliage. After bloom, the foliage provides lush structure. This is lovely close-up, but has yet to make much of an an impact as a plant. And here’s the best part—there is really no need to spend a fortune on the rarest hybrids. I’ve seen plants for $30 each on the Plant Delights site, and I bought some for around the $20 mark, but the ones that have performed the best for me are the common Helleborus x hybridus plants I bought from Wayside years ago for maybe $6.99 each. The plants are supposed to be the same, but one is pure white and the other includes shades of light mauve and green; they’re both single. I also have several other white vari..
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