Starting from Seed by Thomas Christopher

Real gardeners, compulsive gardeners, are up to their elbows in seedlings this time of year. We (I qualify at least as compulsive) have a number of rationales for starting from seed. To begin with, it’s economical, the only way we can afford all the plants we want. For the price of a packet of a few packet of seeds, I can (and do) start hundreds of plants. I remember once at the wonderful public garden Wave Hill seeing an amazing planting that the staff there advertised as “a $16.00 dollar garden” or something like that because the gardeners had secured all the seeds they needed to fill the whole big bed for that price. Lettuce seedlings — 72 salads for the price of one packet of seeds An even better reason for starting from seed is that by doing so you can have plants you will get no other way. I do most of my vegetable gardening on a chilly hilltop in the Berkshire Hills of western Massachusetts, where it is too cool to ripen fruit of the mass market tomato seedlings found at loca..
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